Zaeera was born into a very creative family in Switzerland and could speak fluently from the age of 11 months. When she was between ten and eleven, she started to record well-known songs on the application "photobooth" on one of the first imac's.

Zaeera played since her childhood in musicals at school and was also a model which walked on the catwalk in front of a large audience. The stage has always been her thing.

She always loved to sing and her grandma always told her to go for it. But at that time she unfortunately couldn't manage to sing in front of others. The last words of her grandma to her where: "Please sing!"

And that's the reason why she overcomes her fear step by step and never gives up.

Now the time for Zaeera is come to make her grandma proud - and to share all emotions and feelings with the whole world through her songs.

For this reason she choosed to buy her own microphone instead of a new car after she had a car accident at the age of 23 and started shortly afterwards to write her own songs, as she also setted up her own home recording studio.

She visited also a few Workshops at the SAE Zurich, as well as her vocal coach accompanied her on her way.

In November 2020 she published the cover music video "Figures" on Youtube and a few months later her first own song "FEELING" came out.

Since then she works constantly on her own new songs, as well as a great project of a promising collaboration - you can be excited.



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